Songs in the Key of Grace

Easter 2024. Website Launch.

Easter 2024. Website Launch.

Wow! Songs in the Key of Grace has arrived. Welcome!

I have so many feelings that range from excited to scared to intimidated by other sites that are so much more with millions of followers and hundreds of songs. Mine feels like it is not enough. The site has launched with a very humble nine songs. I keep telling myself that when it gets to about 25 to 30 songs then it will feel legitimate.

But then my witness[1], the voice inside my head and my heart that speaks truth to me said, “Stop! Stop! Stop! You are legitimate right now. This is your path. You are enough. This is enough …. at least for right now.”

And that is one of the main points of this website.

There are times I have not felt enough. There are times I have felt like my life was a messy wreck. But Christ has reached down, grabbed my hand, taken me where I am, and lifted me to a higher level.

This Easter, we honor the sacrifice, suffering, and eventual triumph of the resurrection of Christ. He took the pain to raise us to a higher plane.

And just as He rose that Easter morning, He can take us by the hand and raise us from ashes into beauty.

That is the purpose of this site: to tell the story of Christ, to tell the story of how He has healed me, and to tell the story of how He can heal you.

These are my Songs in the Key of His Grace.

More to come. Much more.

Happy Easter!


[1] Mark Divine, Navy Seal commander and CEO of The Unbeatable Mind has given a name to the voice in our mind and our heart that speaks truth to us. He calls that voice our witness. When I silence myself, I hear that witness. I hear and feel the truth.