Songs in the Key of Grace



Music has always been a big part of my life. My mom taught me piano when I was young. In fifth grade, I picked up the tuba and played it all the way through college.

I have a degree in Music Education. With a growing family of six kids, I walked away from teaching music, got an MBA, and have spent over forty years in retail and distribution industries. Currently, I’m the Chief Financial Officer for a distribution company in Southern California.

Although I’m enthusiastic about keeping my company profitable, my other passion is music. I’ve conducted multiple church choirs for adults, children, and youth for over forty years. I’ve also taught piano. Currently I play the organ and am the music director for my congregation.

My wife and I live in San Diego. I enjoy walking the beach, hiking, bike riding, and watching Dateline every Friday night with my wife.

My prayer is that these songs will be a testimony of God’s peace, grace, strength, comfort, support, healing, mercy, and never-ending love.