Songs in the Key of Grace

Different, The Musical

Different, The Musical

In late 2019 a good friend of mine and a member of our church choir, Rick Daynes, approached me and said, “The things I do for my kids!” He said his family was putting together a musical based on the experiences of an autistic teenager in high school. These were real-life experiences for his family; Rick has both autistic and Down syndrome children.  He is a serial entrepreneur with a can-do attitude. It did not matter that he had never done anything like this before. He will figure it out. Therefore, he asked me if I could compose a song. That project led to Different, The Musical.

I was privileged to co-create the opening number, “BMOC” … Big Man On Campus. This project reminded me that our differences truly are our superpowers.

Laura Morin, Piano
Scott Wiest / Larry Farnes, Vocals

Piano: Jessica Davis

Violin: Jesus Carreon Rosas

Vocals: Katherine Dahl, Hope Blomquist, Nancy Howe, Tyra Haynie, Mike Hood, Jacob Howe, Troy Stewart, Larry Farnes


I’m the big man on campus, I’m the B.M.O.C.
I’ve got my stuff together. Everybody worships me.
I’m rough and tough and ready. People clear my path.
They don’t care if I am smelly or do not take a bath.
I’m a stud! He’s the Man! He’s the one who makes the Plan.
I’m the B.M.O.C.


These lyrics are meant to feel a little … off. This is an opening, fantasy, dream sequence of an autistic student who wants to fit into his High School. 

Artwork used by permission from Vanessa Horabuena.